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Pakistan Open Market Forex Rates
Updated at : 20/4/2014 12:32 PM (PST)

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Pakistan Economic Analysis GDP, Inflation, FDI, Unemployment, Population

Pakistan is one of a rich natural resources containing countries, Pakistan is world’s second largest Muslim majority country, badly affected with political instability and violence. Public, political and military leaders are running in the race of gaining more power, Pakistani nation is in a continues cap of internal and external terrorism and insurgency. Facing continues inflation rising food and energy prices.


Pakistan Rupees Short Review against other major currencies of the world

exchange rate in pakistan was in a continues declining trend against US Dollar and other major currencies of the world since the year 2012 started.
Most of the analysts were pointing out the raise of exchange rate due to oil transactions, when ever pak rupee forex rate loose its strength against US Dollar rate, The other currencies also get impact lets have a view of the currency rates in Pakistan from the beginning of Jan, 2012.

As per Inter Bank currency rates on Jan 3, Pak Rupee rate was on Rs. 89.8 selling and buying at Rs. 89.6 against Dollar rate, Rs.116.52 selling and Rs.116.26 against Euro exchanges rate, Rs.24.45 selling and buying at Rs. 24.39 against UAE currency rate, Rs. 139.45 selling and Rs.139.14 buying against Pond exchanges rate.


Gold Market Analysis 2011-2012 in Pakistan.

2012 will be the most difficult year for the most of the forecasters due to the events faced in 2011, recession seems continued plus the political conditions are not making any one to decide to forecast for 2012.

When we talking about Gold the opening behavior is similar as 2011 corrective majors are taking place and upward slides are coming up on short term bases, let us review the Gold rate in Pakistan, in Jan, 2011 24k 10gms was stuck at Rs.45857, 24K per tola Rs.53500 and 22K 10gms was on Rs.42035.


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