Prize Bond draw is about to announce on 15th of September for the denomination of Rs. 200/-. This is a 39th Prize Bond draw which will be held at Lahore. There are 6 type of prize bond value categorized by State Bank Of Pakistan 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000 and 40000. It has already been issued the Prize Bond Schedule where you can view the details of all draws of past and up coming for the year of 2009.

We can view the lowest denomination for a prize bond value out of all is Rs. 200/-, This is the best way to the low income people to save their money in form of Prize Bond. Keeping prize bonds in series can create more chances to win the prize. 39th Prize bond draw of Prize bond Result will be consisted upon 2400 prize bonds number, where the value of bumper prize (first prize) will be Rs. 750,000, 5 prizes will be drawn of Rs. 250,000/- , and rest 2394 will be drawn for the prize value of Rs. 1250/-.

39th prize bond draw results can be viewed on first day right after the announcement from State Bank of Pakistan at the link:, after clicking the link selecting denomination and putting your email address you will be redirected to the page where you can view your prize bond result by just putting your number into the box. You may also access the prize bond list on the same page.