Copy of kenya

24-04-2015US DOLLAR93.964494.131194.0478
24-04-2015STG POUND141.4061141.7056141.5558
24-04-2015SA RAND7.71477.73407.7243
24-04-2015KES / USHS31.827931.990831.9094
24-04-2015KES / TSHS20.290820.380020.3354
24-04-2015KES / RWF7.27717.37517.3261
24-04-2015KES / BIF16.466416.708416.5874
24-04-2015AE DIRHAM25.579725.632025.6059
24-04-2015CAN $77.298877.448777.3737
24-04-2015S FRANC98.145498.381298.2633
24-04-2015JPY (100)78.598478.744478.6714
24-04-2015SW KRONER10.858010.884010.8710
24-04-2015NOR KRONER11.961611.999611.9806
24-04-2015DAN KRONER13.600113.625213.6127
24-04-2015IND RUPEE1.48191.48471.4833
24-04-2015HONGKONG DOLLAR12.124412.145912.1352
24-04-2015SINGAPORE DOLLAR70.164670.294370.2295
24-04-2015SAUDI RIYAL25.047825.109025.0784
24-04-2015CHINESE YUAN15.161215.189315.1752
24-04-2015AUSTRALIAN $73.019873.158773.0892
1. Rates are subject to change without notice.
2. Please note that these are Indicative Rates.

The economic health of a country has an effect of many factors but the chief factors having significant influence are interest rates, inflation, and the exchange rate. Exchange rate plays an important role in country’s level of trade that is quiet critical to most every free market economy in the world. This is the reason for which exchange rates are most concerning, analyzed and governmentally manipulated economic measures. This is a macro influence of exchange rates they also influence on micro level as they impact the real return of an investor’s portfolio.

Changes in Exchange rates have an effect on a nation's trading relationships with other nations. It explains that a higher currency makes a country's exports more expensive and imports cheaper in foreign markets while a lower currency makes a country's exports cheaper and its imports more expensive in foreign markets. So it is expected that higher exchange rate can be expected to lower the country's balance of trade, while a lower exchange rate would increase it.

Particularly exchange rates are related to the trading relationship between two countries so keep in mind that exchange rates are relative, and are expressed as a comparison of the currencies of two countries. These exchange rates are determined through supply and demand, so if the there is greater demand for American goods then there would tend to be an appreciation (increase in value) of the dollar. If there is any worry regarding future economy of US then markets will tend to sell Dollars that will eventually decrease the value of Dollar worldwide.

Specifically speaking about Kenya the Central Bank of Kenya gathers analytical foreign exchange rates daily for use by the general public. These rates are actually the reflection of average buying and selling rates of the major participants in the foreign exchange market at the open of trade every day therefor provides a distinctive indicator for any interested party on the value of the shilling on any particular day.

Keep clear in mind that these rates are only indicative and other Forex parties including commercial banks and Forex bureaus may apply varying rates on their Forex transactions. We provide the daily Exchange Rates for Kenya that can help the traders to make a wise and profitable decision.