As per a consolidate survay there are several effects the most in 2010 effected a Dubai resident economically, Over all UAE shown the correction of 2009 in 2010, projected financial activities in 2011, may get a positive impact over the UAE economy.
Investment opportunities seen in Dubai Gold Market, Dubai Forex Market during the year 2010, in 2011 the mindset is seems more batter in investment in Dubai Gold and Forex.
Let us share the openion of mostly effected common man living in UAE below.
  1. 2010 was also an scratched year of Global financial crisis which has impacted the lifestyle of people living in Dubai as per the survay almost 37%.
  2. The reduction in income occurred almost 19% due to the cancelation of many projects in 2010
  3. Almost 14% have been effected in their career due to the downsizing of companies operations
  4. Daily Communication concerned due to blackberry issue was upto 3%.
  5. The Launch of iPhone that changed the way people communicate almost 2%
  6. Hope of recovery in dubai reconstruction raised upto 3%
  7. Savings are increased upto 15% due to reduced rents and house prices, this effect where negatively effected the real estate on the other end positively shown at residents.
  8. Inflation had also reduced during the year 2010 upto 5% which also contributed to the savings of Dubai residents.