Gold Rates in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

A year by year reference of the daily Gold Price in Saudi Arabia and history of Gold Rates in Saudi Arabia
Apr 24, 2015

TypePer GramPer 10 GramPer Tola
22Carat138.00 Riyal1,380.00 Riyal1,609.08 Riyal
18Carat114.54 Riyal1,145.40 Riyal1,335.54 Riyal

* Price may vary by city

If we talk about Asian states, Saudi Arabia or we should say Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is regarded as largest Arab state of Western Asia. People around Saudi Arabia are passionate and keep on selling and purchasing things, metals, properties and everything that can benefit them on and off. Likewise the entire world the charm for Gold in Saudi Arabians is same as in other countries of world. The women around Saudi Arabia are jewels loving and the lady wearing more jewels is regarded as a wife of pretty rich Sheikh. Among all precious metals the charm for gold is unique in the women living there. Therefore Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia keep an eye on Gold rates of Saudi Arabia and they keep on checking the trends of changes in Gold Prices in Saudi Arabia so that they can please their wives by gifting them gold jewelry.

Unlike west people in east are called value investor because they wait the trend to decline for purchasing gold. When the gold rates decreases they purchase this precious metal to please their wives as well as to keep it as saving so that when the gold rates go high they sale it so that they can benefit from this saving at good times.

The people all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are very rich and they keep their money as saving by purchasing gold from that money. But they never purchase gold at high rates instead they wait for the good time when the rates are comparatively low. As the value for Gold is equivalent at all times and in all places of world therefore keeping it as saving is a wise move. Simply they convert their money to gold coins or gold bars and take profit from it at later times.

According to the traders the gold shops flourish as more customers buy gold when there is a decline in gold price in Saudi Arabia and they said that in this period more gold is sold both with jewelry and pure bullions. We know how people around Saudi Arabia are eager to know the daily trend changes at their place so that they can make best decision of purchasing gold. Therefore we provide the Gold Rates at Saudi Arabia on daily basis.

For the viewers in Saudi Arabia we provide the gold rates for purity standards including 18 and 22 Karat that are most purchasing and selling standards. The prices are provided in Saudi Currency i.e. Saudi Riyal (SR) or (SAR). The cities that are highlighted with gold rates are Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Buraydah, Tabuk, Abha and Khamis Mushait. You can check the prices of Gold on daily basis. The prices are provided for both purity standards per Tola and per 10 grams.