Gold Rates & Silver Rate from major cities of Pakistan
A year by year reference of the daily Silver Price in Pakistan and history of Gold Rates in Pakistan
Oct 22, 2014

Following table shows gold rates per Tola in Pakistan in Pakistani Rupess (PKR) in 24 carat per 10 Grams, 22 carat per 10 grams and sliver rates per 10 grams in pakistan.

City24k per 10gm24k per Tola22k Per 10gm21k Per 10gmSilver
Source: Karachi Saraf.
Find Today current Gold Rates in Pakistan 2014 graph and gold rate history chart of major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Hyderabad. At Gold rate Section view the online live Bullion price of Pakistan in Pakistani Rupees. Here you can also find gold price chart and current silver rates (silver bullion prices) goldrates.

Last 30 days Gold Price Per Tola in Pakistani Rupees

Gold rates for previous 30 days per Tola. For history of Gold price in Pakistan can be viewed below in 24k gold purity.

   Date 24k per 10 Grams24 carat per Tola22k Per 10 GramsSilver 10 Grams
Oct 21, 2014Rs. 42214Rs. 49250Rs. 38696Rs. 642.85
Oct 20, 2014Rs. 42000Rs. 49000Rs. 38500Rs. 642.85
Oct 17, 2014Rs. 41871Rs. 48850Rs. 38382Rs. 642.85
Oct 01, 2014Rs. 40542Rs. 47300Rs. 37164Rs. 612.85
Sep 30, 2014Rs. 40542Rs. 47300Rs. 37164Rs. 621.42
Sep 27, 2014Rs. 40842Rs. 47650Rs. 37439Rs. 630.00
Sep 26, 2014Rs. 40842Rs. 47650Rs. 37439Rs. 630.00
Sep 25, 2014Rs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 630.00
Sep 24, 2014Rs. 40757Rs. 47550Rs. 37360Rs. 630.00
Sep 23, 2014Rs. 40842Rs. 47650Rs. 37439Rs. 630.00

Gold and Gold Rates are one of the most discussed topic of run-of-the-mill in every ages, the reason behind is that it is regarded as the symbol of wealth in form of expensive jewelry and coins. Therefore people keep their eyes over gold rates in order to get this expensive metal at as low price as they can. No matter men or women, folks of every gender and ages tend to this precious metal. Women obviously love to have gold jewelry for which they sometime don't even care about the rates on the other hand men keep their eyes over gold rates for trading purpose and for savings as well.

This high rate precious metal is not only payable due to its elegance and glamour but also because of its charm. In old times people used to exchange it for the commodity to be sold or bought rather than currency. But with time the way of purchase is also modified and obviously you have to spend money to own this precious metal.

Formerly Gold rates used to be independent of rates of another country therefore the Gold rates in every country were divergent from the other countries around the World but now Gold is equally expensive at every corner of world just because of the growth of the common trade, mutually dependent markets and universally incorporated banking systems.

If we see specifically the Gold rates in Pakistan, it is influenced by two major factors. The first one is obviously the world price therefore the Price of Gold in Pakistan rise or drop when Gold Rates increase or drop worldwide. Nonetheless this is not limited to Pakistan only, as it is applied on rest of the countries as well.

The second major factor that has influence over Pakistan Gold Prices is the Pakistan Rupee VS Dollar Rate Exchange differences. So every time when the Pakistan Rupee deviates there will be ultimate change in Gold Rates in Pakistan.

No matter you are trader or just a housewife, purity of Gold is your first concern and the rates of Gold vary according to its level of purity in karats or fineness. The available purity for Gold globally are 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k. 24k Gold is the purest and most expensive in all available forms. 12 karat purity is not regarded as a good choice in business of jewels. Though it comes at a lower price but for jewels purity is the first concern as compare to price. For business of jewels the most commonly recognized measurements is 18k. Although it's not the purest form but it comes at a lower price as compare to 24k.

For the sake of interest of people around Pakistan we provide the latest Prices of Gold in Pakistan regularly. You can visit us daily to get the latest price of Gold in different cities of Pakistan. You can also get the price of Gold in Pakistan in previous 30 days.

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